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(스트레이 키즈) ``소리꾼`` M/V
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  • How to vote in the Awards🏆??

    You can vote for EVERYBODY on 🛰COSMIC AWARDS 🛰: There’s a voting box for each nominee or versus nominee. So, make sure to get enough votes to cut the other contestant.

  • How many votes can I submit?

    ♾UNLIMITED♾: applies but we have a threshold that is setting and allows a set number of votes from an unique IP address in a time period of 20 – 30 votes per period, use incognito in case this doesn’t work. Voters who pass this will notice their votes won't count. (Wait some minutes) and refresh the page or again... try to use incognito.

  • Do you send the physical award to artists? 🚀

    Yes, we will send it to the LABEL'S address once the category finish. Depends on each music label to shown it.

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